Healthy eating tips in times of COVID-19

There have been many myths and rumours about what to eat and what not to eat during this time of health crisis all around the world. People have been forwarding tons of WhatsApp messages with advises and lists on what to eat and how to stay healthy such as eating garlic will prevent you from catching coronavirus or drinking warm water in the morning will help in prevention of coronavirus which is completely wrong! These are just rumours which people do not tend to cross- check and forward blindly to many others.

Today we will talk about what actually is recommended to be eaten in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. All the further recommendations of food have been prepared keeping in mind the guidelines given by UNICEF. No information provided is a rumour or made up for publicity in any manner.

Keeping Up With Fruits And Vegetables.
Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide us with the best of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein. They not only help us to stay healthy and fit but also boosts our immune system and helps children grow. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is very necessary for all. Shopping from the outside market can be tough in these times where you are advised to stay home, hence you can purchase fresh veggies and fruits everyday from FreshtoHome and Quality food ae.

Consumption Of Canned Food
Canned Food

Some say canned food is not healthy these days, it can contain the virus and the food can be contaminated. This is not at all true. Consumption of canned food is perfectly healthy. Canned food such as grams, mackerel, salmon are very rich in proteins, minerals, omega 3, fatty acids and many more nutrients and vitamins. Consuming dairy like milk and yogurt is very healthy to consume.

Eating Healthy Snacks
 Eat healthy stay healthy

Snacking on dried fruit and nuts and snacks like banana chips is recommended by the experts. It provides a good amount of nutrition to the young ones as well as elders. It is better for children and elders to munch on snacks like these instead of eating salty and sweet snacks which may cause obesity and other health problems.

Low Consumption Of Highly Processed Food.
Highly processed food

Try to cut the consumption of packaged food as much as possible. Processed food is high in saturated fat and trans fat which is not good for the body. Try to skip to healthier options instead of processed food in order to build up your immune system.

Drink water

Drink as much water as you can. Keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking water eliminates all the bad bacteria and elements out the body and keeps you healthy and fit. Make sure you drink 2-4L of water everyday.

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