I’m sure many have been excited to be in your comfy clothes while working, after all it’s what we all love right? Working from home!But wearing those pyjamas all day everyday becomes boring at a certain point. Now since the lockdown is increasing and has not seen a deadend till now, I think it’s time to upgrade the “work from home” section of your wardrobes!
And guess what? Vogacloset is here with its special home-office collection for all! And Barakatalan is all set to get you great deals and discounts on your shopping bags!!!

Here are some recommendations on what to wear while working from home and attending meetings online.

1. Oversized t-shirts are always a Go-Go for WFH!

This oversized t-shirt by PRETTYLITTLETHING serves the best vibe to relax and work while munching on your favorite snack!

Price: AED 61.00

2. A positive Vibe!

While working a positive attitude is a must otherwise most of us end up napping on our couches while working. After all it’s difficult not to be on that cozy couch isn’t it? This Nasty Gal T-shirt is at its best to prevent us doing that!

Price- AED 119.00
Coupon Code- RFM

3. The team meetings.

The meetings that happen every now and then requires you to be well dressed along with being well prepared on what to present. VOGACLOSET gives an exciting range for you to be meeting ready any time.

Price- AED 123.00
Coupon Code- OMGVOGAEP

4. Say Hi Polka!

A polka can slay your day! In meetings with your boss or investors or any other big people, this polka can make you look slaying and sassy in front of them.

Price- AED 136.00


Looking for relaxed and easy wear? Go for the whites! This tank top will make you go easy on your tasks for the day for sure!

Price- AED 82.00

There are more of these cool outfits and trendy accessories available at Vogacloset and don’t forget to add Vogacloset coupon codes from Barakatalan to get EXTRA 15%- 30% off and exclusive deals on your shopping bag and get the best out of your bags!

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