The fitness trends which are going to be huge in 2019 will definitely surprise you. And may also give you ideas on how to keep your workouts feeling fresh and keep the motivation high.

Exercising at home

Exercising at home! This trend is going to be on No 1 in 2019. If you have a crunch in time don’t forget to do the crunches for 10mins at home. Also, there are many more fitness trends that can debut at home like Zumba, Pilates, Power-sets, core exercises.

Did you know -10-minutes of exercise have the same benefits as one continuous 30-minute session. All you need to get set go is motivation.

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In 2019, Yoga will continue to rise in popularity. With popular benefits like Yoga can boost your body’s production of oxytocin and endorphins help regulate your sleep cycle, lower your stress, and even lower levels of inflammation in your body. You can do yoga at home or in a class setting. For all your yoga essentials you must visit SSsports yoga section here.

Kickboxing and workouts

Kickboxing, cross-fit classes are receiving a lot of interest among Gen Z and Millennial. You can practice these trends at home if you don’t live near a gym as classes.  Both kickboxing and HIIT workouts are great coping skills that can boost your mood and self-esteem. So gear up and get all your essentials here, pick the right sportswear from the plethora of brands


Swimming is a highly predicted fitness trend for 2019, making it a great option for someone looking for the health benefits of exercise, without the added pressure (and possible injury) other forms of cardio can cause. However, whether you chose hitting the beach or swimming in the club. You must checkout all your swimming essentials here.

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