Interesting Facts about Eid-al-Fitr

Eid- Al-Fitr is finally here and we know you all are as excited as we are to celebrate Eid after all the stress and tension regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. There is some relief in our minds due to the arrival of Eid now. Everyone is ready to celebrate Eid all across the globe with practising social distancing of course! Because health is always the first priority, right?
Since everyone is so eager to celebrate Eid, do you know all the facts regarding this festival?
If not, take a look at the following interesting facts about Eid and also how can you utilize the online market along with gaining more knowledge about Eid-Al-Fitr. brings you the best deals and offers of your most loved brands and helps you fill your shoppings as well as save BIG on your billings! This Eid, know how you can utilize these amazing deals and discount coupons and also know some interesting facts about Eid.

Eid-Al-Fitr marks the ending of Ramdan and fasting and is celebrated for 3 days.

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The celebration of Eid is not only about the feasting on the delicious food.
As Eid begins to arrive, all the head chefs, I mean the ladies mostly, prepare for amazing mouth-watering delicacies to prepare the feast which is the most awaited part. But, there is one more thing people,especially children, wait for the entire month apart from the feast, ‘Eidi’. Eidi is basically a gift given to the young ones and other family members on Eid. This Eidi can be money, clothes, home accessories, flowers anything. So, this Eid give your loved ones their most desired toys and dresses with Sprii, Souq, Noon, Kul, at a reasonable price. With Barakatalan. com, you can avail upto 80% OFF discount coupons and offers on top brands like Souq, Sprii, Kul,and many more.

People dress up in new clothes and visit mosques or outdoor places to offer the special Eid prayers.
Dressing up and visiting the mosque for namaz is the best feeling we all could remember as a child and still miss it due to the lockdown. Due to this pandemic and maintaining social distancing many of us might not be able to visit the mosques but that doesn’t mean we’ll not dress up either, right? This Eid get your dresses ready to celebrate Eid with best fashion brands such as Ounass, Nisnass, H&M, Vogacloset, etc. at a very pocket-friendly price. With, you can get Nisnass, Ounass, H&M discount coupons and offers along with many other top brands and save BIG on your billings.

On Eid-Al-Fitr, many authentic dishes are cooked mandatorily for the feast.
On the occasion of Eid-Al-Fitr, many authentic dishes are cooked such as Fattah, Lamb Tagine, Thareed laham, Holwar Tamar, etc,. Even though you don’t get many guests this Eid, prepare the best and favourite dishes of your family and order hygienic and safe vegetables, fruits and meat only from Fresh to Home. They provide a wide range of variety particularly in the meat section and have proper sanitized and hygienic goods to deliver. Order from Fresh to Home and get 10%-30% EXTRA discount with Avail these FreshtoHome Coupons and discounts only from

Traditional greetings during Eid-Al-Fitr.
Apart from ‘Eid Mubaraq’ people use phrases like ‘

Eid Saeed

’ which means “ Happy Eid” or ‘Kul ‘am wa enta bi khair’ which means “ May you be in good health every year”.
Barakatalan wishes all of you ‘Eid Saeed’ May Allah bless us all and save us from this pandemic. Stay safe, stay home and keep shopping!

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