Is shopping your guilty pleasure? Satisfy your shopaholic temptations with this year’s Black Friday sale 2019. This is when shops post-sales as much as 90% off on items in their stores. Wouldn’t want to give that up, would you?


This year, in the third week of November, all websites are partaking in the celebration. Meaning you can buy just about anything at incredible discounts and deals. Adding to the price drop is Barakatalan Black Friday coupon codes, which will bring down the prices even more. Imagine being able to buy all the things you need for at least 50% off for a week!


At stores, it could be a pandemonium, with people rushing all around to grab up the biggest deals. This is where online stores come to the rescue. You won’t have to struggle in the crowds or fight tooth and nail for that deal you just can’t miss. The online Black Friday sales are just as magnificent, but a bit less crowded (read as – you’ll be the only one on your system). You can shop leisurely at your own pace, but watch out, stocks run out just as quickly as they do in stores.


What you can find


  • Electronics: Electronics is the biggest range of items that go on sale. You can find top branded mobiles at even 80% off discounts. With the rush that surrounds these deals, you definitely want to get ahead in the line. 
  • Fashion and Accessories: After electronics, this is the biggest category for the sale. All designs and styles for a newborn right up to adult clothes, all get cheaper this Black Friday season. You won’t have to feel guilty about spending too much, get all your heart’s desire and still have money to go!
  • Vacation on a budget: Yes, even flight and hotel tickets will be at an all-time low this time of year. Black Friday coupons are the best to use when booking long trips that may be expensive. With these, they aren’t anymore. 
  • Yummy treats: Even restaurants and delivery websites want a piece of this pie. Fill your tummy till you can’t eat anymore with the help of Black Friday sale UAE. Make sure to get to the website fast, as the meals are usually flying off the stove tops this time of year. 



Deal Bonanza for a Whole Week 

As each year progresses, the footfall only increases. In preparation for this, stores are hiring new staff who can brave the crowds and to help with managing the insurge of customers. Over the years, the sales have only gotten bigger and bigger, and the crowd still won’t let up. Last year, online giant ‘Noon’ saw an increase in revenue of 8 times in the Black Friday season. This is only with one store, the same trend has been occurring in all other e-commerce websites. 


Gone in a flash is the perfect adjective of what these sales are like. With millions of people itching to get their hands on the best of the best, it definitely is a race to the finish line. Even the minimum discounts are a ‘not-to-be-missed’ kind of ordeal. You’ll definitely find all that you’re looking for and more at the lowest prices, but only if you’re quick enough. 


Shopaholics alert

For all those who love to buy their clothes online, and who just can’t seem to stop themselves from buying new clothes for every outing, this is the time for you. You can find branded clothes like H&M and even designer products like Gucci to run sales on their products. Wouldn’t want to give that up would you?


This is the time for you to stock up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. You can shop guiltlessly for all your deepest desires this year on Black Friday. You can find a huge range of products, for Women, Men and Children having unpassable deals this time of year. These deals are not to be missed, especially when used in combination with Barakatalan’s Black Friday Promo Codes


Predict the deals to come

Though Black Friday is still about a month away, it is fairly easy to predict the type of products and brands that are going on sale based on previous years trends. Do this tiny bit of homework if you want to get ahead of everyone else this year. Find your favourite brands, and check if they went on sale the previous year. If they did, chances are they will again this year. Beat the rush of the online crowd with this simple tactic that’ll put you ahead of the queue.  


This busiest time of the year for shopping, get ahead of the deals. Have fun shopping!

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