Fall of 2018 is here, Gap brings about the warmest season sale that allows you to shop online while watching the best of trends online. All it takes is one single tap on the screen, and the audience in the middle-East can purchase the products they desire while the outfits are showcased on the site.

It’s a cliché layering up is the answer to all your winter dressing woes . Breaking this stereotype to just layer up to beat the chill.

Barkatalan Middle-East’s most trendiest e- shopping destination brings to you top 3 GAP trends that you need to flaunt this season

  • Let’s Party – Party Season is officially upon us and if you are wondering how to and where to get everything festive this season. GAP is the answer. Just choose and pick from the latest trends of Faux Fur vest or rose clinched waist dress. You name it we have it.
  • Beat the cold –Being smart about your choice of winter wear can make you a fashionista instantly. Just shop right with GAP at Barkatalan. Everything you need is available online be it the Purfa or the Sherpa favorites
  • For a Goodnight – The fall is all about long cool and cozy nights. What follows next is game nights, PJ parties. And the only mandate to enjoy the season is to feel cozy and happy. So go ahead and pick the coziest sleepwear styles from Gap at Barkatalan and leave the rest on the nights to come

Embrace the cold and wear a Light knitted pullover that you love and want to keep on all day (GAP has lots of fabulous options). Make it the highlight of your outfit so that even when you’re indoors you’re not in a rush to whip it off.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your exclusive coupons and Shop from Middle-East’s trendiest ‘For Big Savings Buy Now’ at Bakatalan

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