The classic Lacoste polo shirt has grown up a lot in recent years. This classic and comfortable clothing item fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle, finding its unique place between a simple tee and a button-down.

1. OOTD– Outfit of the day is incomplete without Lacoste polo shirt and adding the oomph by accessorizing. Accessories complete any outfit while also accurately defining your personality and style.
The polo is a classic piece that complements seasonal trends. Dress it up or down—accessories will help you add unique finishing touches. Accessorizing your outfit include shoes, shades, belts and scarves.

2. The warm look
There is a reason why you choose to wear Lacoste polo, when winter winds replace summer sun. Polo’s are the perfect item for layering up. Wear yours under a sweater, blazer, or both. Layering is ideal for easily transitioning from day to night, and for the fashion-conscious, maximizes your chances of wearing your favorite wardrobe pieces all at once.

3. Look Bright – Effortlessly make a statement than with a bold but elegant color palette? Give your neutrals an instant upgrade with a clean, bright polo or see how classic colors set the stage for a more daring color scheme.

4. Go fashion forward
Polo shirt is one of the easiest things in your closet to style. Let it be a weekend getaway or work weekend, you’ll be fashion-forward because these polo outfits know no boundaries.

5. Stay classy
Polo is the perfect work-wear addition. Style yours with a pair of pressed chinos, skinny jeans, or a classic A-line skirt. Add a blazer or sweater to complete the look. Check the complete look here at Barkatalan.

Whichever style you pick, following these tips will help you build amazing polo outfits that are anything but boring. Start getting creative with your essential Lacoste polo shirts today from Barkatalan and prove that you are a true Lacoste.

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