5 Best Kitchen Appliances To Prepare Delicious Iftar Meals

Women love to cook during the holy month of ramadan. Iftar is filled with delicious and mouth-watering dishes all around the table. The food is better than any 5- star rated hotel and restaurants in the entire world, because it’s made with love and care of a mother, wife and daughter. We dedicate this post to all those ladies who love to cook especially during this time of the year.

Today we have decided to make your kitchen more advanced technically and lower the excess burden off your shoulder. Today we will talk about the 5 must have kitchen appliances by Sprii that will help you to prepare delicious and mouth-watering dishes for Iftar and how you can buy them at an affordable price with Sprii discount codes and deals only at Barakatalan.

1. The Black+Decker Af250G-B5 Air Frye
Black+Decker Manual Air Fryer

The Black+Decker Af250G-B5 Air Frye is a perfect addition to your kitchen to keep your family healthy as well as treat them with yummy delicacies for iftar. Fry your child’s favourite french fries, nuggets, and more in more than 50% less oil. Say hello to hassle- free cocking and goodbye to the oily food!
Price- AED 239

2. Philips Blender Avance Collection

Give your children the perfect nutrition with a yummy kale smoothie made in this Philips blender Avance Collection available on
Sprii.com. Have fun making juices and smoothies with your children during this lockdown and stay healthy!
Price- AED 499

3. Caffitaly Milk Frother

Prepare chilly cold coffees and prepare hot chocolate with the same appliance. This Caffitaly Milk Frother allows you to prepare milk
based beverages both hot and cold simultanously.
Price- AED 183.75

4. Princess Sandwich Grill PRN-117002 Black

Why to buy different appliances for grilling, making sandwiches and waffles when you can get all 3 in 1. Yes with Princess Multi &
Sandwich Grill PRN-117002 Black you can cook your favourite waffles, sandwiches and chicken patty in one appliance easily. Now you can
prepare all the favourites for your iftar in just one appliance no worries about one getting burned while the other is still in
Price- AED 133.35

5. Goldmaster GM-7383 Pleasant Chat Coffee Set/Turkish Coffee Machine

A cup of soothing turkish coffee that touches your soul is a perfect end to your iftar dinner. This Goldmaster GM-7383 Pleasant Chat
Coffee Set/Turkish Coffee Machine is specially designed to make perfect turkish coffee that soothes your inner soul and relaxes your mind
after dinner. This device allows your coffee to heat at a perfect temperature and in equal amounts to enhance your experience that too at
an affordable price.
Price – AED 170.70

Update your kitchen with these mind-blowing, cooking friendly, hassle-free appliances and give your family a perfect iftar dinner with all their favourite delicacies and stay healthy together. Enjoy this Ramadan with Sprii and Barakatalan and save BIG with the Sprii discount codes and offers! In all your shopping bags. Happy Savings! BIG SAVINGS!

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